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accent on music

We invite you to relax, listen in your own way, take your time and measure your own response to the music.

Starting in 1975 and on two continents we have proudly been selling the main core of the products we demonstrate today; first in Edinburgh, Scotland and since 1989 in Mount Kisco, NY. We have never wavered in the way demonstrate our wonderful hi-fi products and have added many strong brands to augment our core.

Musical vibrations converted from a record groove or the signal decoded from a digital source are phenomenally delicate, just as is the original music itself. A hi-fi has an almost impossible job of shepherding the music from source to speaker without ruining this perfection. The designers of great hi-fi must be great listeners: they must first understand and appreciate music's delicacy and magic, and next they must understand the engineering that makes great hi-fi. These are very rare gifts and this ability is what differentiates good from great hi-fi. At Accent on Music we make sure to do everything to maintain this perfection in the setup of the system both in the store for a clearly musical demonstration and later in the customer's home setup.

We have spent decades constantly refining and perfecting this art of excellent sound and we are here to help you make the excellent music in your life. Please come in for a listen. We have the knowledge - you bring the music.

All our best,

David and Alma Wilson

We think your time would be well spent in visiting us here in Mount Kisco. We’ll encourage you to listen for yourself, in your own way. That’s the only way to be sure your choice is right.-- David and Alma Wilson