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There is a wide field of equipment to choose from in the world. Our choices are focused to a selection of products we want to own and fully reflect our sense of what is most musical over the long-term as well as the best value for money.
  • Turntable
  • Tone Arm
  • Phono Cartridge
  • Phonostage

Two of our three core brands made their mark building turntables. Linn and Rega have been part of our lives since the 1970s and we specialize in the setup, fine tuning and maintenance of these turntables for hundreds of customers. We think these are the most musical record players available. They are also the most reliable and these companies don't stand still; they push performance to new levels over and over. Often our analog customers become good friends and they bring us many new customers each year.

LinnRegaLyraDynavectorGradoOrtofonPro-JectTransfigurationWoodsong Audio

  • CD Player
  • Network Player/Streamer
  • Hard Disk Player
  • DA Converter

Streaming has advanced the world of digital music far beyond what we thought was possible in the first two decades of the compact disc. And we are so glad. We have the best streaming systems available and know how to get sound quality that is very close to the best analog sources.

LinnRegaRoonNaim AudioChord ElectronicsArcam

  • Power Amplifier
  • Preamplifier
  • Headphone Amplifier

Our core brands comprise the top choices in preamplifiers and amplifiers. We have been making customers happy for three decades with these products and they still are our favorites, and outperform every alternative to this day.

LinnRegaNaim AudioSPLArcam

  • Bookshelf
  • Full Range
  • In-Wall & Outdoor

Speakers are the most subjective component in the system, and we offer a wide range of speakers to fit many tastes and visual styles. We are one of the very few stores left in the world that still offer a Single Speaker Demonstration listening environment. Unused speakers sitting in a room dramatically change the sound and musicality of the system by "singing along," but vibrate in a way that is out of tune and out of time with the music and confuse the perception of the listener. Single Speaker Demonstration is one of the important services we offer our customers.

LinnRegaFocalFyne AudioDynaudioTotem

System Enhancers
  • Cables
  • Turntable Accessory
  • Record care
  • Power Conditioner
  • Equipment Support
  • Headphones